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Cerep is the world leader in Large Scale Profiling
The Cerep profiling platform includes customized robotics optimized for the parallel testing of large libraries of compounds on broad panels of assays. This approach allows clients to rapidly probe entire target classes. This approach is an innovative and useful complement to traditional target-by-target HTS.

Rapid Profiling at Cerep identifies potential limitations and liabilities of drug candidates enabling quick, continuous optimization of compounds.
Using a combination of functional, biochemical, and physico-chemical assays, drug candidates are screened to identify beneficial and adverse properties.

Cerep offers both standard and custom profiles selected from a panel of over 760 validated assays that cover a broad range of targets and parameters. Client compounds are screened confidentially with all intellectual property retained by the client. Cerep’s rapid profiling service minimizes the risks in drug discovery and leads to a reduction in the overall cost of drug development.


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