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Kinases as drug discovery targets

Following GPCRs, kinases comprise the most interesting target family in drug discovery 1. Kinases are a large family of 518 members classified in two sub-families (tyrosine and serine-threonine kinases), mediating a wide spectrum of actions via signal transduction pathways 2.
Kinases are involved in therapeutic areas of high interest including cancer, inflammation and diabetes. The last five years have seen eight anticancer kinase inhibitors receiving FDA approval, increasing recognition of kinases as a vital drug target class 3.
Cerep uses a unique, high throughput format – HTRF® – for all kinase testing allowing comparison across kinases and across types of experiments.

Cerep’s unique and versatile kinase platform is optimized to support drug discovery programs:
 Reproducible and robust allowing HTS, MTS and profiling
 Rapid turnaround time
 Highly diverse kinase panel
 Competitive cost
 Powerful tool for lead generation
 New kinase assays continuously added: 151 kinases are available as of January 1, 2008

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1 Cohen P. (2002), Nature Reviews/Drug Discovery, 1: 309-315
2 Manning G. et al. (2002), Science, 298:1912-1934.
3 Wai Lang Chu, October 9, 2006:
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