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  Assay catalog

Cerep continues to expand and diversify the assay families, with an average of 100 assays added or updated each year. These assays are either integrated in the Cerep catalog, or are exclusively available to sponsor.
As of January 1, 2011, the in vitro pharmacology and ADME-Tox & PK catalogs regroup about 1,300 assays.
  In line with increasingly stringent environmental requirements, and considering the unreasonable carbon balance of shipping, Cerep has decided, as of this year, to provide its annual catalog in PDF format only, downloadable from the website.
   However, as shown by a recent satisfaction survey, many of you have expressed the wish to continue to receive a paper version of our catalog.
   The 2011 catalog has thus been published in limited quantities, and is only available upon specific request or during visits from your Cerep representatives.
   Thank you for helping us contribute to a more environmentally friendly planet.
   In vitro pharmacology catalog
     1,070 assays, among which 38 are new assays, and 35 have new assay conditions:
         473 GPCRs, including 134 cellular functional targets (agonist and antagonist effects)
         24 nuclear receptors
         46 other receptors
         51 ion channels
         11 transporters
         287 kinases (255 biochemical kinases and 32 cellular kinase assays (activator and inhibitor effects)
         20 epigenetic & DNA-related enzymes
         114 other enzymes
         44 specialized cellular enzymes
     15 standard profiles
     BioPrint® profile & services
   ADME-Tox & PK catalog
     In vitro ADME
         Solution properties
         Drug absorption/drug transport
         Drug metabolism
         Drug-drug interactions
     In vitro toxicity
         Cardiac toxicity
         Genetic toxicity
     In vivo PK / Bioanalytical
         In vivo PK
     Assay selection guide
     Standard profiles
     Application notes

Many assays are suitable for evaluating the ADME-Tox properties of compounds early in the drug discovery process while others are designed with the intent to meet regulatory requirements making them suitable for later stage development.

   Custom offer
  More than 100 assays are now available as part of our custom research. Cerep offers a more flexible approach around these targets to better fit the client’s needs in terms of choice of technology, assay customization, workplan and turnaround time. For further information, please contact us at

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