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Global profiling services

Cerep’s global profiling services and custom assay development/transfer can help you navigate toward more efficient drug discovery.

Cerep high throughput platforms provide methods for performing pharmacological profiling and screening of compounds, in particular to improve drug safety and efficacy at an early stage in the drug development process.

As a specialist in assay development and pharmacology and pharmaceutical profiling, our services include:
 Exclusive project team – for assay development
 Scale-up team – for process implementation & automation
 Focused group – for compound management
 Dedicated industrialized platforms – for routine screening and profiling

Cerep platforms cover a wide range of target classes, including GPCRs, kinases and nuclear receptors, employing methods and assay types such as radioligand binding assays, calcium mobilization and cAMP measurement using HTRF®, transporter/uptake assays, and bioluminescent and other fluorescent-based assays.
In addition to our standard and custom profiles, client-oriented assay profiles can be designed and evolved by development of non-referenced assays in our catalog. Different business models, ranging from full service to cost-sharing, including or not consultancy, are offered.

Selectivity profiling
Even a selective chemical compound that binds to a therapeutic target may have completely unexpected or off-target effects when in the presence of a living cell. Such effects may result in expensive pre-clinical and clinical failures.
Cerep’s profiling services are designed to cost-effectively flag off-target activity of compounds, thus supporting a more effective decision-making process.
More than a hundred assays are developed each year, selected through various families to offer the most representative targets. They are either integrated in the Cerep catalog or are at the exclusive disposal of clients.
Advantages of our global profiling services include:

 Reproducibility – year after year – 18 years of experience.
 Low rejection rate allowing rapid delivery of results.
 Practical and operational innovation providing efficient custom oriented services.
 Excellent scientific support.

The strength of our services comes from our in-house production of biological material and rigorous quality control process - along with our highly flexible and specialized team and a lean organization – ensuring timely completion of a project that meets customer requirements.

 Most of our human platform assays are also available as animal models:
please inquire

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