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Pharmacologie in vitro

Cerep offers a panel of over 630 validated in vitro pharmacological assays that cover a broad range of targets including receptors, ion channels, transporters, enzymes and second messengers.
These assays are used to identify lead compounds, to define mechanism of action, and to identify off-target activities. All assays are available on an ad hoc basis. At any time, clients can select one or more assays to be tested against one or more compounds at one or more concentrations.

In addition to ad hoc access, client specific and Cerep profiles are available. Client specific profiles can be adapted using any of the over 630 Cerep assays.
Standard Profiles are designed by Cerep and available to all clients.
The Standard Profiles are a rapid and cost effective way of prioritizing the most promising compounds in the lead selection process.
Benefiting from increased efficiency generated from optimized processes, Cerep is happy to expand custom made profiles clients can design at set prices. While offering more flexibility, clients are able to select among predefined lists of functional GPCR, kinase and binding assays.

 Cerep is the world leader in Large Scale Profiling
The Cerep profiling platform includes customized robotics optimized for the parallel testing of large libraries of compounds on broad panels of assays. This approach allows clients to rapidly probe entire target classes. This approach is an innovative and useful complement to traditional target-by-target HTS.

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Pharmacologie in vitro
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