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Criblage à haut-débit (HTS)

Cerep is an industry leader in providing High Throughput Screening services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Using fully automated systems and modular workstations, Cerep maintains a versatile assay platform to meet the needs of our partners. Cerep can develop new assays, implement partners’ assays, or use its broad range of existing assays.Screening can be carried out using the partners’ own compound collections.

Cerep has experience with a wide range of targets including GPCRs, nuclear receptors, ion channels, kinases, phosphatases, and proteases.
Assay expertise extends to receptor-ligand interactions, protein-protein interactions, substrate-enzyme interactions, cellular proliferation and reporter gene assays in pro-and eukaryotic cells. Utilizing the most reliable and sensitive readout technologies including colorimetric, fluorimetric, isotopic, luminometric, Cerep has successfully performed HTS projects for large pharmaceutical companies as well as for start-up biotechnology companies around the world.
Cerep’s HTS platform may be used in conjunction with rapid profiling to accelerate the hit to lead process.

Flexible & reliable
     Custom assay development
     Transfer of proprietary assays
     Multiple detection systems
     Direct communication with Cerep scientists
     Full QC/QA involvement in all programs
     Fast start to finish


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Criblage à haut-débit (HTS)
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