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Binding assay targets are divided in several classes: non-peptide receptors, peptide receptors, nuclear receptors, ion channels, amine transporters.
For each class of receptor Cerep has developed the most representative target and is still increasing the number of binding assays regarding their therapeutic relevance.

216 assays are available as January 1, 2008

Most of the binding assays are developed according to the competition assay model using radiolabeled ligand, which remains the technology of reference.
Optimization and industrialization of binding assays in order to provide fast and reproducible results – whatever the number of compounds tested – allow large screening (HTS format) followed by profiling.
The screening program is supported by dedicated scientific staff for assay development, support and validation.

Key features
 Reproducible and robust assays
 Rapid turnaround time
 Highly diverse binding profiles comprising two risk assessment/selectivity profiles:
      High-Throughput profile
 Competitive cost
 Powerful tool for lead generation
 Standard and custom profiles

Binding assays are developed to integrate Cerep’s drug discovery platform.

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