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Company presentation

Cerep offers in vitro pharmacology, in vitro ADME-Tox and in vivo PK services, and provides solutions allowing faster and cost-effective drug discovery by identifying at early stages the most promising drug candidates as well as eliminating those compounds likely to fail in development.
Cerep’s services benefit annually to about 500 pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies worldwide including most of the top pharmaceutical firms.

Both standard and custom research solutions are available.
• Standard research services include:
    Compound management,
    high-throughput screening,
    in vitro safety profiling,
    lead optimization (or SAR) profiling,
    in vitro ADME profiling,
    in vivo PK.
• Custom research services encompass assay development, profile design as well as data interpretation and provide scientist-to-scientist communications to understand and address client’s needs.

Over the past 12 years, Cerep has developed BioPrint®, a unique database and related IT tools, which allows the modeling of clinical effects of drug candidates from their molecular properties. BioPrint® may be used to interpret complex profiling data, prioritize lead or drug candidates or design lead optimization profiles.
To ensure the highest quality and provide the most reproducible data, Cerep produces in-house biological material that are used in most Cerep assays and qualifies its suppliers for best quality reagents and plasticware.
In 2010 Cerep has established a laboratory in Shanghai which is now fully operational to effectively support drug discovery projects that are run in Asia by providing the same high quality data that made Cerep’s reputation in the market.
The success of this endeavor could only be achieved through the adaptation, set-up and implementation of processes which have proven their superiority in terms of quality, reproducibility, cost effectiveness and reduced timelines.

Broad profiling /screening services
Cerep continues to expand and diversify the assay families, with an average of 100 assays added or updated each year. These assays are either integrated in the Cerep catalog, or are exclusively available to sponsor.
The in vitro pharmacology and ADME-Tox & PK 2011 catalogs regroup about 1,300 assays, of which 473 GPCRs, including 134 cellular functional targets (agonist and antagonist effects), 255 biochemical kinases and 32 cellular kinase assays (activator and inhibitor effects), 51 ion channels, 61 CYPs (phenotyping, inhibition, induction), 20 epigenetic and DNA-related enzymes, 14 PDEs, 24 phosphatases ...
Cerep’s platforms cover a wide range of target classes including ADME-Tox related targets, GPCRs, various enzymes, transporters, nuclear receptors and ion channels; employing methods and assay types such as radioligand binding assays, calcium mobilization and cAMP measurement using TR-FRET, transporter/uptake assays, and bioluminescent and other fluorescent-based assays.

Assay design & development
The customized assay development services include a full range of assays and technologies adapted to clients’specific projects and needs.
Cerep has an extensive and integrated suite of core competencies valuable to any drug discovery programs.
Please contact us for a specific solution adapted to your specific request at:

Profile design
Cerep offers a profile design service based on the experience and knowhow of its scientists for both content and execution of profiles. Cerep BioPrint® database, various publicly available databases, and the scientific literature are used to design different types of profiles according to your needs.

(March 2011)

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