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Custom assay development

Predicting the in vivo biological behaviour of new chemical entities using customized in vitro pharmacology and ADME-Tox assays.

Our customized assay development services include a full range of assays and technologies adapted to clients specific needs. Whether performing a million-compound primary screening, or secondary profiling, you need tools that accurately predict human biology. Cerep has an impressive and integrated suite of core competencies that will be valuable to your drug discovery programs.
A key driver of success in the drug discovery process is predicting the in vivo biological behaviour of new chemical entities using customized in vitro pharmacology and ADME-Tox assays.
Custom assays can be developed based on either Cerep or clientsí own technology, using clients biological material, Cerepís in-house produced, or commercially available biological material.

Extended know-how
Cerepís assay development service draws on the knowledge and the experience of 300 professionals. Our expertise includes customized binding, cellular and tissue assays on absorption, distribution, metabolism and toxicity related targets; peptide and non-peptide GPCRs; various enzymes, transporters, nuclear receptors and ion channels. Through our extended know-how we propose a wide range of human and animal models (for a complete list, please contact us).

Methods and process

Each assay development is a new project
Following clients request, a feasibility study (in 48 hours) allows us to understand the perimeter of specifications and to propose the most suitable solution in a customized quotation (1 week).
Upon clients approval a detailed development process and validation criteria are established jointly.
Cerep offers development of new targets by first performing molecular cloning, transient and/or stable transfection followed by development of the assay. Each part of the development project involves a dedicated group of specialists. Each development is managed as a project with a study director establishing and validating each step (go no-go steps defined with the client). If requested, clientís reference compounds can be used for the final validation of the assay. Dedicated support services will take care of transfer of raw material and reference compounds when necessary.
Depending on client needs, the assay can be transferred or industrialized by Cerep and adapted to high throughput screening and/or profiling.
Development reports will be prepared and archived for 10 years.

Cerepís customized assay development group is partner to:
 Update selectivity and safety target panel
 Screen chemical libraries on recently deorphanized targets
 Create an evolving assay panel according to the evolution of a drug discovery program
 Address reorientation of research programs rapidly
 Accelerate the lead optimization process
 Consolidate assay development and screening while maintaining quality levels
 Implement proprietary assays
 Free up in-house capacity to pursue additional leads for drug development.


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