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De novo design, synthesis, and in vitro activity of LFA-1 antagonists based on a bicyclic [5.5]hydantoin scaffold
Potin D., Launay M., Nicolai E., Fabreguette M., Malabre P., Caussade F., Besse D., Skala S., Stetsko D.K., Todderud G., Beno B.R., Cheney D.L., Chang C.J., Sheriff S., Hollenbaugh D.L., Barrish J.C., Iwanowicz E.J., Suchard S.J. and Dhar T.G.M.
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2005) , 15 (4): 1161-1164

G-protein-coupled receptor affinity prediction based on the use of a profiling dataset: QSAR design, synthesis, and experimental validation
Rolland C., Gozalbes R., Nicolai E., Paugam MF., Coussy L., Barbosa F., Horvath D., Revah F.
J Med Chem. (2005), 48, 21:6563-65 74

Probing drug action using in vitro pharmacological profiles
Froloff, N.
Trends in Biotechnology (2005), 23: 488-490

QSAR strategy and experimental validation for the development of a GPCR focused library
Gozalbes R., Rolland C., Nicolai E., Paugam M-F., Coussy L., Horvath D., Barbosa F., Mao B., Revah F., Froloff N.
QSAR Comb. Sci. (2005), 24: 508-516

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